The Apple Changes Our World

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Someone said that the biggest differences in the world are the four bags of apples and iPhone4. When I heard about these words first time, I smiled and then I admired. There are two famous apples in the world. The first one let Newton know the Law of Gravity, and pushed the development of the physical mechanics. The second apple is created by Steven Jobs, it make the electronic products reach a new height. These two apples are too important to us.


A few days ago, I heard that Jobs has dead from news. The world lost a genius who has the richest creations and thinking. At that day, I opened my computer like a normal day. All the news is about Jobs. Actually I didn't know him before; I just knew he was a CEO of Apple, Inc. so I searched his life on the internet, and I had to say his life is a legend to ordinary people. But he just left us the apple spirits. What is the apple spirits? I have to cite Jobs’ sentences to explain them. The first meaning is the brand of Apple. In order to remember the ancestor who is killed by the poison apple. So he design that brand. The second meaning is about the products of Apple, Inc.


Although Jobs has a short life, his spirits will exist in this world all the time. Everyone has limited life, but we can change our creations. We have the different beginning and walk the different ways, but our goals are the same. We hope to achieve our values. We should not think that we can finish all the things at first. The world needs us, so does the country. We need not to worry about the reason, because the processes are more important than the reason. We can get the experiences from the failure and setbacks. Jobs used his whole life to tell us that we can get the success if we work for the jobs what we like. I hope one day I can have my own company. In order to achieve this goal, from now on I need to develop myself.

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The Apple Changes Our World

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The Apple Changes Our World

This article was published on 2011/10/12