Steve Jobs' Death Makes Apple Stock Steady While the Rivals' Stock Rises

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October 6 is the first trading day after the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Apple's stock price is within a narrow range, the most slightly down to make the final closing.

Apple becomes the most concern of the New York Stock Exchange stocks of October 6. Apple's stock price rises after the opening , the highest was up to a maximum of $ 384.78 per share, which had reached an intraday began to decline, down about 2%. Near the close, Apple stock prices rise again, closing at $ 377.37 per share, down 0.23%. Analysts expect Apple's stock will continue to perform well. U.S. brokerage Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian En Huaite (Brian White) report released today, the Apple price target to $ 666. It is worth mentioning that Apple's smart phone and tablet PCs in the field of major competitors, Samsung Electronics, the South Korean market was up 4% in early trading, closed up 1.5%. Samsung Electronics is also Apple's chips and liquid Crystal display of the main suppliers. Apple's smart phone and tablet PC rival LG Electronics, HTC shares rose. Apple's Steve Jobs during his lifetime does not care about the stock price movements, but in recent years, he led the company in a way that Apple stock prices surges, and became one of the largest companies in the world market.
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According to the "Business Times" reported that Steve Jobs's death makes Apple shares fall on Thursday, showing investor are uneasy for the future of Apple without great man steve Jobs. Experts point out that the post-era of apple without Jobs become a huge task for them, the most difficult task is how to maintain their products' magic attraction has long been established.

Now the onus falls on the shoulders of this group of five people. These five people are: CEO Cook, entered Apple in 1998, and later was promoted to chief operating officer. In three holidays of Jobs, he is deputy chief executive office, has long been regarded as Jobs's successor. Cook hadn't show up in the press conference announcing the new products, but he is the master of the Apple manufacturing process and key of the supply chain, and maintains a good relationship between suppliers. Second, Apple's CFO Oppenheimer. He has made much contributions quietly in his ten years, and has never been seen as the successor of Jobs. However, his mastery of the Apple Finance makes he become a minister. Apple's product marketing director, senior vice president of marketing Schiller is also a members of the five men's group. He entered in Apple in the 1980s, although once had a leaving, he came back in 1997, the same year Steve Jobs returned to Apple. He is a product marketing master. Apple on Tuesday released iPhone 4S, although hosted by Cook, but on stage to introduce the product is Schiller. Responsible for leading the design of the original iMac, iPod and iPhone, Apple's design team in charge Yifu, is also a members of the group. He played for Apple since 1996, back to Apple even much earlier than Jobs. His creativity has always been appreciated by Steve Jobs. Finally, is in charge of iPhone software development, Stone and iPad Doyle, he is the key creating Apple Mac OS X operating system.

Experts point out that this team of five strong team, are powerful enough to lead Apple to move on. Long-term follow Apple's division Munster said that, under the leadership of a team like this, Apple will not have problems in next two years. Gartner's Michael Gartenberg said that while consumers think Steve Jobs as Apple's incarnation, Apple has been changing.


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Steve Jobs' Death Makes Apple Stock Steady While the Rivals' Stock Rises

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Steve Jobs' Death Makes Apple Stock Steady While the Rivals' Stock Rises

This article was published on 2011/10/07