Calories In An Apple

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There are about 80 calories in an apple.

And if you need to lose weight, then eating just one a day can have impressive impact.

In this short article, I'll show you why.

So pay close attention here because this is so easy to do, you'd be crazy not to give it a shot.

We've all heard... "Eating an apple a day helps keep the doctor away".

Well it does much more than that.

Several studies have shown that the calories in an apple are potent little fat burners.

In one such study researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro discovered that women who ate just 300 grams of apples per day (the equivalent of three small fruits or less)... actually lost more weight on a similar diet than women who didn't add the fruit.

There are many reason why eating an apple a day works so well for weight loss.

Here's two of the main ones...

1. Apples are among the most potent anti-oxidant foods around.

This is super important for getting a "thinner" looking body.

The reason is because anti-oxidants "mop-up" pollutants in your body that destroy your metabolic function.

Basically, consuming the anti-oxidants and other amazing nutrients found in apple calories help to fix the real cause of your excess stomach fat.

2. Apples are loaded with fiber.

Fiber and weight loss go hand in hand.

The fiber in apples is a natural appetite suppressant that helps you feel full.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University discovered that those who consumed just one apple about 15 minutes before they had lunch, ate almost 190 fewer calories than when they didn't have the apple.

And the fiber found in apples is also wildly effective at removing waste from your body. This waste is a main culprit in a slow, sluggish metabolism and excess fat.

Now, as I said, those were only two reasons why eating just one apple a day can have a dramatic impact on your health and weight.

There are many others.

And I speak from personal experience here...

When I started eating apple calories each day I just began to feel better. Have way more energy.

So if you need to lose weight, the calories in an apple will definitely help.

Sure, you may not notice an eye-popping waistline reduction in 7 days, but it's just one super easy thing you can do that will help you get faster, better results.

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Calories In An Apple

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This article was published on 2010/03/26