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A Japanese team studied 15054 cases of adult women for nine years of follow-up investigation, eventually found to have scheduled cases of female cancer. By statistical analysis found that, compared with normal-weight women, overweight or obese women has cancer risk of 29% - 47 percent rise, The higher the female body mass index is the risk of breast, colorectal cancer, endometrial carcinoma and gallbladder the risk is bigger. Research suggests that being overweight or obese women has cancer risk factors.

Italian researchers surveyed 629 cases of cancer patients diet, detailed analysis found that, with every eat apples, compared to less than 1 day eating apples more than 1 can make colorectal cancer, esophagus, throat, breast and ovarian cancer such as dangerous reduce 9% - 42 percent. Apple besides containing the traditional nutrients and dietary fiber outside, still contain flavonoids, the latter for natural antioxidants, But compared with other fruits, apple free type high proportion of falconoid, so that it can easily absorbed by human body. These natural antioxidant can make DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) from oxidatie stress damage, has the strong cancer-fighting properties.


Eat an apple everyday also can prevent the stroke

 Apple of health benefits, but also the patron saint of women's health. Eat apple had better even peels to eat, because with the apple meat, compared to apple skin of flavonoids content is higher, the antioxidant activity also strong, can prevent older women stroke. But because apples in plant process may use a lot of pesticides in edible apples if not careful cleaning, trapped in the apple epidermis of chemical fertilizers may cause leukemia and so on many kinds of disease, so, if cannot guarantee apple "natural", eat apple before had better wash, peeler.


Apple containing many kinds of effective prevent heart disease element

Apple rich folate, is the main components of the B vitamins, it can help prevent heart attacks. Apple of antioxidants conducive to the healthy heart operation, apple fiber, pectin, antioxidants and other ingredients can reduce body bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol, let "bad" cholesterol clog arteries longer than normal, and giving unseasonal colour some "bad" cholesterol clog arteries the earlier, elucidation of heart disease risk is bigger.

 Eat apples can prevent osteoporosis

Apple contains can enhance bone mineral element boron and manganese. An American study has found, boron can drastically increase blood estrogen and other compounds of concentration, these substances can effectively prevent the loss of calcium. Medical experts say, postmenopausal women can absorb 3 grams every day if, then their calcium boron churn can reduce menopausal women 46%, eating apples, be helpful for calcium absorption and utilization, and prevention osteoporosis.

 Apple can counteract human acidity material

70 percent of the disease occurred in acidic, while a woman of apple is alkalescent food and eat apples can rapidly and in vivo excess acidity material (including sports produce acid and fish, meat, eggs, etc acid food in the body produces acidic metabolites), strengthen physical strength and disease-resistant ability.

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Apple the Ultimate Cure

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This article was published on 2010/11/21