Apple's Rival Is Strong, But Apple Has Not Lost

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Market research firm Strategy Analytics recently survey 4800 of consumers for tablet PCs and touch-screen strategy services to the United States and Europe, two thirds of the potential buyers want iPad iPad priced below 500 dollars or 500 euros. Given iPad starting at $ 499 in the United States, the price will be the Apple iPad early success to maintain the main yoke.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has slapped China Unicom, the only mobile operator currently authorized to offer the iPhone in that country, for trying to prevent owners of the device from going onto rival networks. Since China could be a huge market for Apple, this could impact Cupertino's bottom line.

Samsung has reportedly sold 1 million Galaxy Tab tablets, although the figures could not be verified independently. Still, where there's smoke there must be fire, so we shouldn't write off the Galaxy Tab too soon.

Apple was far and away the best company, leading the publication to state that the Cupertino, Calif., company was "smoking the competition." Credited were Apple's stylish hardware, easy-to-use software, and the "warm, fuzzy feeling" given through Genius Bar support at the company's retail stores.

In the survey, just under 8 percent of Apple laptop users said they had a problem that could not be resolved by the company's technical support. That was "significantly lower" than the industry average from rivals like HP and Dell.

Apps for the iPad are as abundant as they are for the iPhone. But since the Galaxy uses the Android operating system, the ever-expanding app store for that tablet is growing exponentially.

One article said that:"So, it all boils down to a matter of taste and preference. If you think Steve Jobs hung the moon, then it's doubtful that your eyes will ever lose sight of the iPad. But the Galaxy has a lot of things going for it, too. My advice is: Before you buy, give both of them a test drive. No doubt you may come away from the experience as much of a fence-sitter as I am."

However, there's still some good news for Apple shareholders. For one thing, expectations are high that Apple will launch its upcoming Mac App Store as soon as this week. For another, retailers are reportedly building their own point of sale (POS) systems using iOS devices.

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Apple's Rival Is Strong, But Apple Has Not Lost

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This article was published on 2010/12/13